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Chair massage is perfect for the workplace as it’s a through the clothes
treatment that gives great results in a short amount of time. Even a
15 minute massage significantly reduces stress and anxiety, and since
statistics show that 75% of all illnesses are stress related this is a great
way to promote good health at work.
Benefits of massage in the workplace:

››› Boosts employee morale

››› Decreases stress

››› Helps to prevent repetitive strain injury RSI

››› Improves concentration

››› Feels fantastic!

The massage takes place in a specially designed chair that I bring to your
office.  It uses invigorating techniques designed to get movement and
circulation back into tired muscles and specifically targets the back,
neck and shoulders.
How does it work?
I bring my chair to your office, I just need a meeting room where I can
set up and the massages can take place undisturbed.  One person in the
office is nominated to coordinate the appointments for the day (I offer a
free massage to this person!).  Usually massages are 15-20 minutes so I
can see 3-4 people per hour.  The payments can work in 3 ways:
››› 1.    Employer pays
A set fee is paid depending on the number of hours that I work and the
employees pay nothing.

››› 2.    Employer part pays
The employer pays half the amount up front and then the employees
get half price treatments and pay me directly

››› 3.    Employees pay
The employees just pay me directly for the treatments.

Pricing varies depending on the option and the number of hours that I
work.  If you are an employer interested in bringing this great therapy
into the workplace then please contact me to find out more.

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